What Tree is Playing & Watching Now

June 2019 Edition

Destiny Child.jpg

Destiny Child (Korean)

Android gacha style game. One of the most polished games on mobile I’ve seen to date. Clover and I are both still playing it. Referred to as “DC” by the English community.

Heir Of Light

Mobile Android game with a unique art style. World is made up of “tiles” and is extremely grind heavy in a good way. Recent changes made F2P viable and community is on the up tick once more.


Girls X Battle 2

Android incremental game. Side hustle that can be played for 10 minutes a day. Waifus aplenty but not as good as DC ones.

Azure Lane

Mobile Waifu collector game with ships. It has been out for a while but I finally decided to take the plunge. 60FPS now!

In Search of Monsters

New Travel Channel show about the usual paranormal creatures. Good background noise TV.