What Tree is Playing & Watching Now

April 2019 Edition

Destiny Child.jpg

Destiny Child (Korean)

Android gacha style game. One of the most polished games on mobile I’ve seen to date. Clover and I are both still playing it. Referred to as “DC” by the English community.


Grim Dawn

PC ARPG game. Everything hardcore D2 fans wanted before D3 became a thing. If you like Diablo 2 - check this game out. Recent expansion adds even more content.


Girls X Battle 2

Android incremental game. Side hustle that can be played for 10 minutes a day. Waifus aplenty but not as good as DC ones.

Elona Custom.png


PC indie free game. Wacky roguelike game that’s strangely addicting. Dwarf fortress fans might feel at home with it.


Paranormal Caught On Camera

TV show about paranormal clips. Garbage quality but good background noise