Sporadic Summer Schedule

This is the best term we could come up with, so cut us some slack. The reality is we're enjoying the summer weather and awaiting for some upcoming things to happen before we go back to providing content on a more predictable schedule.

On the YouTube side, Yakuza Kiwami is going to be a lengthy play through. There are also considerations about recording Divinity II co-op. But we'll cross that road when the game launches.

On the twitch side of things, Clover needs to get her sleep and exercise schedule worked out. If this can be fixed (don't hold your breath), then she can stream more often.

Don't be afraid to message us if you like more detailed answers. Other than that, we hope you're enjoying the heat and sun whereever you are.

Go Play Planet Master. Seriously. Now.

I recently stumbled upon an Android game I found to be quite entertaining and have been trying to get more people to notice it. It's called Planet Master and you can click on the picture link below to head on over to the Google Store to check it out.

I like the game so much I even made a YouTube video on it. You can check it out on our channel (or if you're that lazy) click here

The developer so far has been a sweetheart and has been working very hard on the game. Please show some love to him and for him even if you don't even decide to play it. You can do so on the game's official Facebook page

Sadness Huge.jpg

Don't let my sadness get bigger than it is already. Play the game! (๑◕︵◕๑)

Can't Stream Persona 5 - Sorry

This is just a quick update to let folks know I was planning on streaming Persona 5, but unfortunately I found out that it is not endorsed nor allowed by AtlusUSA according to their official notice about it. 

You can read the notice here

Although I am utterly disappointed by the announcement, it doesn't really affect me from enjoying the game in private. If you want my thoughts on it or just want someone to talk to about story plots, feel free to leave a comment and I'll be glad to chew the fat as I go through the game.

In the meantime I'll be finding another game to put up on YouTube in the near future.


So apparently the ban on streaming Persona 5 has been lessened, but not done away with completely. AtlusUSA updated their policy on streaming the game up until 11/19 but not the final acts. In other words they increased the "cock tease" date, but still no satisfying finish for anyone wanting a complete play-through.

You can read the updated notice here

Best Dad I've Seen At Work

Some weeks ago, I saw the world’s best dad. He came in for his newborn son and was enrolling the baby to our program. For my work, I generally see a single mom struggling to take care of her kids on her own. It’s a sad story that I see repeated. It seems comical to encourage her to breastfeed her newborn when she needs to return to work within 2 weeks. If she doesn't, she may lose her job. Making matters worse, I rarely see the father come along. When I ask about him, I see flashes of regret followed by a combination of words that tells me he’s not around. But this man came in, and although I did not see him, the bits and pieces I heard him say warmed my heart. It’s rare seeing men in our centers let alone a man coming in for breastfeeding help for his wife. As he took out pictures of his wife’s breastfeeding latch & positions, we asked why he was making such an effort and he said, “I want him to grow big like me, or even bigger”, and “Why shouldn’t I? He’s my son”. This surprised us.

This event makes me sad a little because he is an anomaly in my reality. I often see a single mom with 3 or 4 small children all born about 1 year apart. They usually have disinterested looks on their faces.  As I counsel the mothers about healthy eating, most of them look like they’re not listening. Generally their kids are going wild as well. This leads me to believe they may have something else on their mind because their lives are so unstable. It’s disheartening, so when this dad came in, it brightened my day like no other. I hope more like him show up in the future.