Sporadic Summer Schedule

This is the best term we could come up with, so cut us some slack. The reality is we're enjoying the summer weather and awaiting for some upcoming things to happen before we go back to providing content on a more predictable schedule.

On the YouTube side, Yakuza Kiwami is going to be a lengthy play through. There are also considerations about recording Divinity II co-op. But we'll cross that road when the game launches.

On the twitch side of things, Clover needs to get her sleep and exercise schedule worked out. If this can be fixed (don't hold your breath), then she can stream more often.

Don't be afraid to message us if you like more detailed answers. Other than that, we hope you're enjoying the heat and sun whereever you are.

Go Play Planet Master. Seriously. Now.

I recently stumbled upon an Android game I found to be quite entertaining and have been trying to get more people to notice it. It's called Planet Master and you can click on the picture link below to head on over to the Google Store to check it out.

I like the game so much I even made a YouTube video on it. You can check it out on our channel (or if you're that lazy) click here

The developer so far has been a sweetheart and has been working very hard on the game. Please show some love to him and for him even if you don't even decide to play it. You can do so on the game's official Facebook page

Sadness Huge.jpg

Don't let my sadness get bigger than it is already. Play the game! (๑◕︵◕๑)

Can't Stream Persona 5 - Sorry

This is just a quick update to let folks know I was planning on streaming Persona 5, but unfortunately I found out that it is not endorsed nor allowed by AtlusUSA according to their official notice about it. 

You can read the notice here

Although I am utterly disappointed by the announcement, it doesn't really affect me from enjoying the game in private. If you want my thoughts on it or just want someone to talk to about story plots, feel free to leave a comment and I'll be glad to chew the fat as I go through the game.

In the meantime I'll be finding another game to put up on YouTube in the near future.


So apparently the ban on streaming Persona 5 has been lessened, but not done away with completely. AtlusUSA updated their policy on streaming the game up until 11/19 but not the final acts. In other words they increased the "cock tease" date, but still no satisfying finish for anyone wanting a complete play-through.

You can read the updated notice here

Best Dad I've Seen At Work

Some weeks ago, I saw the world’s best dad. He came in for his newborn son and was enrolling the baby to our program. For my work, I generally see a single mom struggling to take care of her kids on her own. It’s a sad story that I see repeated. It seems comical to encourage her to breastfeed her newborn when she needs to return to work within 2 weeks. If she doesn't, she may lose her job. Making matters worse, I rarely see the father come along. When I ask about him, I see flashes of regret followed by a combination of words that tells me he’s not around. But this man came in, and although I did not see him, the bits and pieces I heard him say warmed my heart. It’s rare seeing men in our centers let alone a man coming in for breastfeeding help for his wife. As he took out pictures of his wife’s breastfeeding latch & positions, we asked why he was making such an effort and he said, “I want him to grow big like me, or even bigger”, and “Why shouldn’t I? He’s my son”. This surprised us.

This event makes me sad a little because he is an anomaly in my reality. I often see a single mom with 3 or 4 small children all born about 1 year apart. They usually have disinterested looks on their faces.  As I counsel the mothers about healthy eating, most of them look like they’re not listening. Generally their kids are going wild as well. This leads me to believe they may have something else on their mind because their lives are so unstable. It’s disheartening, so when this dad came in, it brightened my day like no other. I hope more like him show up in the future.

Working On A Schedule

Just a small update to let folks know we're both working on a more consistent schedule. With the upcoming months being a little on the slower side, we will have more time to conceptualize what we want to do in the near future and have content not only related to gaming.

For the immediate time being, I (Tree) might being doing a Persona 5 play-through for Youtube and Clover is thinking of consistently doing Wednesday / Friday-Sunday streams for Twitch. Nothing is concrete however but at least it's something. We'll let you guys know in the upcoming month soon.

Let The Shilling Begin! (Not Really)

So we've been getting some messages asking about how to support us. As always we want to remind anyone interested in helping us out to just be kind, say a nice word and have a good time with the content we put out. That's all we ever ask and will value more than anything since we've begun.

That being said some folks take offense to this and rather throw money at us in one way or another. Since we can't establish that type of donation yet, we've temporarily setup gaming related only donations via Amazon wish list. We've made sure to make this list as tactful as possible. Feel free to check it out now on the support us page.

Click here for the support us page if the navigation bar pisses you off for some reason.

Clover's Comprehensive Manga Reading List

This is my manga reading list recommendation. It is always being updated. Check back often to see new things added to the list! Newest ones will be on the top.

Thought it was gonna be cliche, but it is character driven and fun to read.

Thought it was gonna be cliche, but it is character driven and fun to read.

This is the whole package - fantasy, time-travel, reincarnation, loyal characters, my favorite so far

This is the whole package - fantasy, time-travel, reincarnation, loyal characters, my favorite so far

Gender blender - strong female lead, reverse roles, virual reality mmorpg

Gender blender - strong female lead, reverse roles, virual reality mmorpg

There's even a completed manga for it!

There's even a completed manga for it!

Same author as 1/2 Prince - the Legend of Sun Knight was something I was obsessed with a while back; set in middle ages, it's really about belonging to a group, protecting your loved ones, and being a demon king!?

Same author as 1/2 Prince - the Legend of Sun Knight was something I was obsessed with a while back; set in middle ages, it's really about belonging to a group, protecting your loved ones, and being a demon king!?

The Promised Neverland - because it's about Neverland

The Promised Neverland - because it's about Neverland

It's like a battle royale

It's like a battle royale

It's been compared to Naruto...but I think Naruto is better

It's been compared to Naruto...but I think Naruto is better

OMG, finally an OP male lead

OMG, finally an OP male lead

Gender bender's my favorite catagorie

Gender bender's my favorite catagorie

The best time killer because it's so long!

The best time killer because it's so long!

It's complicated..a lie for the sake of another, a white lie

It's complicated..a lie for the sake of another, a white lie

She's so devious!!

She's so devious!!

Can't believed it finished!

Can't believed it finished!

PC Specs - For Those Who Were Curious

We use a 2 PC stream setup in an array of 3 computers. The 2 "gaming" computers are identical in specifications, while the dedicated streaming PC is slightly less powerful overall. The gaming computers are directly connected to the streaming PC, as well as any consoles.

Below are the main specs for each computer. Note that the power supply, case, monitor and other random peripheral components are not listed as they are not performance essential to the build.

Gaming PC

Motherboard - Gigabyte GA-Z170X Ultra Gaming 

Processor - Intel i7-6700K Processor

Ram G.SKILL TridentZ Series 16GB

Video Card - Zotac GeForce GTX 1070 Amp Extreme

Hard Drive - Toshiba OCZ Trion 150 480GB 2.5"

Microphone - Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB

Webcam - Logitech C922x Pro

Gaming PC 1 / PS4 Slim (Top) / 2x CyberPower UPS (Bottom) / Streaming PC / Gaming PC 2

Busy Week - We're Still Alive & Kicking

This is more of a quick update rather than a full on blog post so I'll be brief as possible.

For the 4 people out there that actually follow us, I just wanted to let you know that we'll be back in the full swing of things soon. We've just been very busy with obligations in life, as well as Clover recovering from her recent surgery. (You can read the Blog about that here)

Yakuza 0 streams will be coming back very soon and I'll try my best to make up for lost time by doing a marathon of it with at least 6 segments in the following week.

Thanks for the patience and checking in on us!

Darkspore - A Great Game No One Played

Sometimes it takes sitting in your living room at 1 AM in the morning looking over your steam games library to realize something. It's the realization that time stops for no one, and things you might have enjoyed a long time ago can no longer be enjoyed in the present no matter how hard you try.

If this introduction seems overly pessimistic; it is because this particular enjoyment in question is a game called "Darkspore", something I used to play a lot that you can read all about here.


A brief history lesson, Darkspore was the by-product of the highly criticized game Spore developed by Maxis Software and in my opinion undeservedly ignored at launch due to its association with the previous game.

Even after going silent for 3 years and salvaging what they could with the franchise, Maxis couldn't shake off the huge letdown that Spore ultimately was - a very close parallel to a more recent game No Man's Sky where an overly extended development time lead to a hype train with increasingly unrealistic expectations on the final product. Darkspore was meant to be a spin-off that salvaged the creature editing tool that took so many years to develop, and was one of the main selling points of the original Spore touting "almost endless customization options".

To be frank, those who never actually dove into the Darkspore creature editor don't know what customization can feel like. It's amazing that a game made many years ago can still have a character editor that rivals if not surpasses many modern games in the same area. The complete freedom to modify a body part or piece of armor to your liking and appearance has somehow become a relic of a lost era; hidden and buried by the greed of modern publishers and development teams wishing to piece-meal out customization on a paid micro-transaction platform. 

Customization aside, Darkspore was a squad based ARPG similar to the highly popularized Diablo series, but more dynamic with the ability to swap between 3 characters of your choosing during gameplay. The mechanics were done well, the classes varied, and the game play was exceptionally smooth. What let Darkspore down in terms of being a good ARPG was its overwhelmingly tentative development team - a team that was too afraid of its own creation. Limited maps, repetitive enemies and barely serviceable lobby were the hallmarks of a development team working on a shoestring budget to try to turn water into wine.


Darkspore became a gamble for Maxis; a gamble that ultimately failed. With a whole generation of fans permanently scarred and bitter with the original Spore, Darkspore was dead on arrival in the public's eye - a cash grab from a development team which had lost all its credibility. For that sin one of the more underrated games released in the last decade died a death undeserving for what it really was; a good game. A game I put a lot of hours in with my wife, and a game we both had fond memories of playing even to this day.

If there's any lasting stain on a game so tarnished by its parent's reputation, it's the fact that Darkspore used a DRM system pushed upon by its cruel masters over at EA. The "always on" requirement meant that once the game's public servers went down, the game would become dead permanently. As of this article's writing the game's servers have been officially offline for about a year - March 1st being the anniversary.

I'm not sure what really drove me to write this piece about the game now looking back at the words on my screen in my somewhat hazy state of mind... but I guess it's a strange nerd eulogy to something that brought me a lot of fun.

For what its worth to Darkspore fans, developers and random internet people who may read this blog one day, let it be known that a couple of people out there really enjoyed the hell out of this game. I miss it a lot, and I remember how great it was even more.


I'm Going To Fan Service Myself

If i’m proud of anything, it’s me being frank about myself.  So I’m letting it be known I'm planning to have breast enlargement surgery soon in mid February. Why you ask? I want to look cute in outfits I own. That’s all! Really!

Okay, okay... they say size doesn’t matter, but I sometimes don’t know about that. In anime (a favorite hobby of mine), flat chested women are comically portrayed as being jealous or bitter of others with much endowed breasts, and in my observation it reflects real life as well. 

Regardless of pop culture, movies, anime or other references - the same theme keeps recurring. That girls with the larger breasts tend to get more attention from everyone (for good or bad) and girls with the flatter breasts tend to just blend in with the background. Either way it's attention getting for no extra effort, and attention keeping for no other reasons. I don't want to cite a single source as being evidence to my point, but take a look at this video clip if you haven't seen it already. You may not like the message, but it's there. It's always been.

Will I become happier or more fulfilled after my surgery? Who knows. But I can’t wait to be able to finally fill out my favorite dresses for once. 

c'est la vie!

Can Anyone Recommend Me A Good News Source?

Don't worry this post isn't going to be political in nature. I'm seriously just fed up with the available options for "quick" news sources. For those who haven't made the switch over to Windows 10 - they use something called MSN news which is baked into the OS. As far as I can tell (after giving the program a good honest try for a year), it's pretty much garbage. From the sensationalized stories to the forced advertising... I'm done with it.

I tried something out recently called "Daily Mail Online" but apparently it isn't much better. Same click-bait like stories, horrible interface and just bad all around. I'm really struggling to keep up with world events since no one seems to want to report them in an intelligent fashion. Maybe it's a sign of the times, who knows.

Hit me up at my e-mail address or post a comment on the article if you know something. I'm pretty desperate at the moment.

Links Updated

Getting the website online with stuff that actually might interest people is a challenge. So I'm going to take the easy way out for now by linking to other content creators who are far less lazy and three times as talented. You can check them out on the links page in which I just updated. There will many more stuff to come in the future - so check back often. The stuff that is up now should keep you busy for quite a while... well at least it did me when I first saw them.

So It Begins...

You would think that launching a website and venturing into the great unknown of the internet would be exciting. It turns out it's a lot of work, a lot of "digital signatures" and a lot of fees just to get the ball rolling.

I'm not a fan of social media platforms being a jaded bitter old man (in his 30's no less), but I can see why the vast majority of people use it to communicate. Social media just works, and it's really quick... but boy does it leave that sticky unpleasant aftertaste. You know what I'm talking about.

None the less I'm going to try and uphold some sembelence of the old guard and run a website dedicated to just entertaining random internet people. It may be shifting sands, but at least I'll walk the road to see where it leads.