Don't Let Something As Simple As Life Stop You

Its been quite a rainy season where I live, and a lot of days being forced indoors sometimes gives you a different perspective of the world. Especially when you decide to say “screw it” and go outside and embrace the deluge and go about your day as if it was clear and sunny.

That introduction to this month’s update is kinda of a metaphor for just doing something you wouldn’t normally do; and kinda of the crux of the theme for the following content I’m about to talk about.

First let’s start off with the biggest example of not giving a shit (while staying productive) with a man who has done so most of his life to great success. That man is David Goggins; and if you haven’t heard about his book / audio-book yet - you’re in a for one hell of a story. I’ll link you to official site which will branch you off to whatever platform you find comfortable for digital books or audio-books (which I highly recommend nowadays for any literary material frankly). Just click on the picture and stop overthinking things.

Let’s hop on over to the slightly paranormal world of 2013 and talk about a (in my opinion) fantastic TV series that unfortunately never got a 2nd season. This show is called “I wouldn’t go in there” and its host Robert Joe visits a myriad of places in Asia that have a troubled history that leads to current day urban legends. You can find more of a synopsis on the official site here (although it’s a bit dated) or you can just simply watch it over on Amazon if you have prime membership here. I’ve also decided to link to Robert’s personal homepage cause he’s a cool guy and working on some projects at the moment that might peak your interest if you become a fan of the show.

What monthly update wouldn’t be complete without me trying to shoehorn some type of video game in here? As I said last month and I’ll say it again this month… the fires are really dying with me in terms of getting some interest going with the current video game climate. If it’s not another Battle Royale type game, it’s probably some other overly produced, over budget game with (insert random) politics thrown in somehow to further alienate me from even looking at it.

That being said, I did stumble upon a fairly cute mobile game called “Triple Fantasy” (formerly known as Arcane Straight) that might interest some folks here who came here from my Dungeon Maker tutorials. The lack of waifus and husbandos may be a turn off for some however! If this game had bare pixelated chests (for all its characters - I don’t discriminate) I might of done a YouTube video series on it. As it stands now however, it gets a honorable mention on the o’l website since it’s quite a fun family friendly game that anyone should be able to pick up. As I mentioned earlier, I usually avoid games that look like this simply due to the fact that there are SO MANY OF THEM on the Google Play Store. However, I took a chance (the theme of this update) and it turned out to be a pretty fun game all things considered. It even got editor’s choice - for what’s that worth I guess. Link is in the picture as always.

Since I talked about exercise last month, it’s only fitting I talk about food this month to close out the update. Let’s talk about one particular competitive eater Yuka Kinoshita. If you ever wanted to see someone probably half the size of you be able to put away food that seems fit to feed a NFL professional football team… prepare to be amazed! I’ll also make sure to add her on the list. Her channel is linked via the YouTube video below.

Have a good one folks, and i’ll see you next update!

Dog Days Of Summer Are Here

Not going to lie folks - it's been slow around here. Really slow. So much in fact that I've been desperately going outside my comfort zones to find anything to play to pass the time. Here is what I've gathered so far that's worth a look in the near future however.

Shining Resonance Refrain is getting a release date on multiple platforms on July 10. It's a remaster of the PS3 version with all the DLC added and some other bonus stuff added in.

For the really niche folks out there that like games in the 5% category, there's also a classic dungeon crawler called The Lost Child which is even releasing earlier on PS4 / Nintendo Switch on June 19th 2018.

Moving onto other news; Clover is going back on her own vow never to attend another Anime Expo after last year and is going again to Anime Expo 2018.

For those who don't know the story, Clover attended last year for a single day to go to a concert but had to wait in line for a total of 7 hours (5 for her pass and another 2 waiting to get into her concert). It became a popular meme called "line-con" and you can read about the horror of other folks that were there here.

Because of last year's fiasco, management at Anime Expo this year have decided to upgrade to RFID chips to help accelerate the process of checking people in and out, as well as mailing out most attendee badges. However, this will not address the obvious problem of sheer attendee numbers in the area; as well as people visiting from abroad.

Los Angeles is one crowded ass place. No matter of technology is going to remove the sheer amount of human flesh that will be attending the con. For those of you from different countries or aren't aware of the density of people in the region; let me give you some humbling statistics.

California's Population in 2018 = 39,776,830

Canada's Population in 2018 = 36,927,520

Los Angeles Population in 2018 = 3,976,322

Our state has more human beings that the entire country of Canada; our neighbors to the north. Los Angeles has about 10% of the entire state's population (or if you prefer more than 10% of Canada's population) within a radius of 503 square miles. Keep in mind these statistics that you see above are hopelessly outdated and do not count a lot of non-documented residents that didn't participate in any census (residents for California and Los Angeles).

California Population.png

Let's just say we all hope Clover the best this year in attending, and hopefully she won't have another waiting in line somewhere story.

Finally I want to say that Okami HD streaming may or may not continue depending on Clover. If it dies, it will be added to the pile of games lost in streaming limbo - but at least it's not as bad as Final Fantasy X. Hopefully next month we'll have more interesting news; see you then! Here's a chicken girl eating corn for no reason. (If anyone knows who the artist is please let me know!)


Eyes Everywhere

No this isn't a post about the Illuminati; rather it's another large update on what me and Clover have been up to. To start spicing it up around here, I'm going to try and mix a bit of "other" things into the pot that aren't solely related to video games, Twitch or similar. If you haven't read the March update that highlighted what video games that are coming out that I'm specifically looking forward to, it's worth checking out if you're perhaps out of ideas on what to play.

Being an old fart and stubborn in my ways; sometimes it's nice to go back in time (circa early 2000's) and watch a series made in a more "innocent" time. If you like urban legends and generally spooky stuff, I highly recommend anyone with an Amazon Prime account (which seems like most of the world's population at this point) to give Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction a watch. It's pretty old and the quality is what you would expect to see of a series made before 720p was even a thing, but it's been brought back to life and ready to gorge on for those so inclined. For the truly nerdy, this series did actually have Jonathan Frakes as a host for seasons 2-4. Hopefully that will lure in some of the gun shy hipster nerds.

Not enough Star Trek hosts talking about things unrelated to Star Trek for you? How about Captain "Fing" Kirk doing that very thing with yet more urban legends and spooky stuff. We're talking about Weird or What?

This series was made a lot later than Beyond Belief (10 years to be exact) but it's still old considering we're now almost halfway through 2018. Still it's a well done production and available on Amazon Prime (season 3 at least) for you to wet your whistle should you like these type of things.

So I guess if it isn't blatantly obvious by now - I do like reading up on the weird in the world rather than giving a damn about actual news. That's why I've updated The List and added a new section dedicated to paranormal stuff. It's worth heading on over and checking it out if you have absolutely nothing better to do.

Moving onto video games for a bit, Yakuza 6 comes out this month and I will be doing my full commentary play through on YouTube. I'm very excited to get back into the series considering this will be my first time ever laying eyes on any of its content even though it has been out for a while now in Japan.

Finally one last reminder to check out Destiny Child if you haven't done so. I talked about it in my last update, but I will keep talking about it to get more eyes on the game. It's right up the alley of closet perverts and those needing something better to do on their phones than read another stupid Facebook post. Keep in mind it's available in Korean or Japanese only, but an English patch for the game is available. If you do decide to play it and need the English Patch hook up, send me a message via e-mail or join the English Discord and get it there.

Onto Clover's side of the coin, I got a few updates on what she's been watching in anime land. Since she absolutely cares not about adding any spiffy commentary to these posts, you're just going to have to take her word for it and check them out.

Click on the images themselves to link you to the series description.

Hitori no Shita: The Outcast 2nd Season

Overlord II

Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san

Fate/Extra: Last Encore

Mahou Shoujo Ore

Gakuen Babysitters

Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card-hen

Sanrio Danshi

The Joy Of ISP Monopoly

It's no coincidence that ISP can both stand for "Internet Service Provider" as well as "Intermittent Streaming Program".

We both apologize for the lack of consistent content updates across our platforms Youtube and Twitch; but the sad reality is that we are under the mercy of Spectrum (formerly Time Warner Cable) in our ability to keep a steady connection. Everything up and down the "what's wrong with the internet?" checklist has been happening to us in the last couple of months; it really has put a damper on our ability to provide more steady content.

That being said it's a good thing we do what we do for the love it and not for the mighty dollar. We couldn't imagine disappointing a Patreon / Youtube Red / Twitch Subscriber base. Hell we're already feeling bad for the occasional people who like our content and simply stop by just to say "Hi!".

We'll be back on the horse soon by the end of the year and starting off stronger in 2018 (hopefully) once Spectrum gets their act together completing the merger and shifting things around.  Until then don't be afraid to stop by our Discord.

Sporadic Summer Schedule

This is the best term we could come up with, so cut us some slack. The reality is we're enjoying the summer weather and awaiting for some upcoming things to happen before we go back to providing content on a more predictable schedule.

On the YouTube side, Yakuza Kiwami is going to be a lengthy play through. There are also considerations about recording Divinity II co-op. But we'll cross that road when the game launches.

On the twitch side of things, Clover needs to get her sleep and exercise schedule worked out. If this can be fixed (don't hold your breath), then she can stream more often.

Don't be afraid to message us if you like more detailed answers. Other than that, we hope you're enjoying the heat and sun whereever you are.

Best Dad I've Seen At Work

Some weeks ago, I saw the world’s best dad. He came in for his newborn son and was enrolling the baby to our program. For my work, I generally see a single mom struggling to take care of her kids on her own. It’s a sad story that I see repeated. It seems comical to encourage her to breastfeed her newborn when she needs to return to work within 2 weeks. If she doesn't, she may lose her job. Making matters worse, I rarely see the father come along. When I ask about him, I see flashes of regret followed by a combination of words that tells me he’s not around. But this man came in, and although I did not see him, the bits and pieces I heard him say warmed my heart. It’s rare seeing men in our centers let alone a man coming in for breastfeeding help for his wife. As he took out pictures of his wife’s breastfeeding latch & positions, we asked why he was making such an effort and he said, “I want him to grow big like me, or even bigger”, and “Why shouldn’t I? He’s my son”. This surprised us.

This event makes me sad a little because he is an anomaly in my reality. I often see a single mom with 3 or 4 small children all born about 1 year apart. They usually have disinterested looks on their faces.  As I counsel the mothers about healthy eating, most of them look like they’re not listening. Generally their kids are going wild as well. This leads me to believe they may have something else on their mind because their lives are so unstable. It’s disheartening, so when this dad came in, it brightened my day like no other. I hope more like him show up in the future.

Darkspore - A Great Game No One Played

Sometimes it takes sitting in your living room at 1 AM in the morning looking over your steam games library to realize something. It's the realization that time stops for no one, and things you might have enjoyed a long time ago can no longer be enjoyed in the present no matter how hard you try.

If this introduction seems overly pessimistic; it is because this particular enjoyment in question is a game called "Darkspore", something I used to play a lot that you can read all about here.


A brief history lesson, Darkspore was the by-product of the highly criticized game Spore developed by Maxis Software and in my opinion undeservedly ignored at launch due to its association with the previous game.

Even after going silent for 3 years and salvaging what they could with the franchise, Maxis couldn't shake off the huge letdown that Spore ultimately was - a very close parallel to a more recent game No Man's Sky where an overly extended development time lead to a hype train with increasingly unrealistic expectations on the final product. Darkspore was meant to be a spin-off that salvaged the creature editing tool that took so many years to develop, and was one of the main selling points of the original Spore touting "almost endless customization options".

To be frank, those who never actually dove into the Darkspore creature editor don't know what customization can feel like. It's amazing that a game made many years ago can still have a character editor that rivals if not surpasses many modern games in the same area. The complete freedom to modify a body part or piece of armor to your liking and appearance has somehow become a relic of a lost era; hidden and buried by the greed of modern publishers and development teams wishing to piece-meal out customization on a paid micro-transaction platform. 

Customization aside, Darkspore was a squad based ARPG similar to the highly popularized Diablo series, but more dynamic with the ability to swap between 3 characters of your choosing during gameplay. The mechanics were done well, the classes varied, and the game play was exceptionally smooth. What let Darkspore down in terms of being a good ARPG was its overwhelmingly tentative development team - a team that was too afraid of its own creation. Limited maps, repetitive enemies and barely serviceable lobby were the hallmarks of a development team working on a shoestring budget to try to turn water into wine.


Darkspore became a gamble for Maxis; a gamble that ultimately failed. With a whole generation of fans permanently scarred and bitter with the original Spore, Darkspore was dead on arrival in the public's eye - a cash grab from a development team which had lost all its credibility. For that sin one of the more underrated games released in the last decade died a death undeserving for what it really was; a good game. A game I put a lot of hours in with my wife, and a game we both had fond memories of playing even to this day.

If there's any lasting stain on a game so tarnished by its parent's reputation, it's the fact that Darkspore used a DRM system pushed upon by its cruel masters over at EA. The "always on" requirement meant that once the game's public servers went down, the game would become dead permanently. As of this article's writing the game's servers have been officially offline for about a year - March 1st being the anniversary.

I'm not sure what really drove me to write this piece about the game now looking back at the words on my screen in my somewhat hazy state of mind... but I guess it's a strange nerd eulogy to something that brought me a lot of fun.

For what its worth to Darkspore fans, developers and random internet people who may read this blog one day, let it be known that a couple of people out there really enjoyed the hell out of this game. I miss it a lot, and I remember how great it was even more.