Late To The Party - Still Having Fun

It’s very easy to become cynical in the modern era of gaming. With most of the major publications and news outlets featuring a lot of drama and politics; it’s hard not to leave with a pessimistic view of the current state of affairs. So it was without any expectation on my end that I would come across a game I would enjoy so dearly that completely went unnoticed for the past year it’s been out; and that game is Fight’N Rage. I could bore you with words about the game’s greatness; but I rather bore you with sounds from my throat on the game in the video below!

As for other video games I’m looking forward to; we return to outer space with X4: Foundations. The X Series is a very niche (but hardcore) bunch of folks who really like their space sims to be complex as they are beautiful. If staring at the curves of a beautiful woman (or man) can be equated to the edges and lights of a space ship; you get the idea of what makes these folks blush with anticipation. I’m just hoping the game isn’t a giant buggy mess like its last unfortunate release which shall remain nameless. If the game passes mustard and the game play is solid; I may put up a video on the game depending on how I feel about it. If you’re curious about it, click the image below to head on over to the official site.

For the few stragglers from my YouTube channel who actually care about my other interests from day to day; I recently binged watch the entire month of November on a fantastic historical YouTube series on World War I called The Great War. If you’re any type of history buff or just enjoy something on in the background as “white noise”; this is the series for you.

That’s it for now folks. I’ll see you in the next (and probably) final update for 2018 closing out the year in review.