Summer Time Begins With A Shake

The weather is starting to finally get warmer here in good o’l Los Angeles County, and no better way to bring in the summer with a couple of earthquakes. Me and Clover recently got a few good jolts thanks to the 7.1 magnitude earthquake that happened back on July 5th 2019. Nothing serious on our end, but it’s a good reminder we live in a earthquake prone area. It hasn’t stopped either; you can view the constant aftershocks since the event here.

Moving onto the gaming side of things, if you haven’t already played Bloodstained Ritual of the Night - consider this your friendly reminder to do so. It’s a fantastic game for anyone who enjoys platformers and anyone who enjoyed the Castlevania series back in the day. It’s even made by the same producer Koji Igarashi of the same fame; so you’re getting the real deal and not some dumpster fire “spiritual successor” that usually plagues sequels of games that have nothing to do with the original talent. I finished the game in a week and will be waiting for all the free DLC to be released before venturing back in again.

Do you believe that the only good bug is a dead bug? You’re not alone if you haven’t checked out Earth Defense Force 5 which was recently released on PC. What’s nice about EDF 5 is that it brings a lot of quality of life changes from 4.1 in the form of mobility as well as performance gains running on the PC. I didn’t mention this title for the PS4 (which I no longer own by the way) because it had low frame rates even on the pro version back then. Now that it is on steam, the game can utilize all that PC horsepower to render bug destroying debris in glorious 60fps. I highly suggest you check this series out if you haven’t heard of it at all before reading this blog post - it’s really fun in a campy 90’s sort of way. You can watch the horrendous trailer for the game below; it’s meant to be bad by the way!

Let’s close out the July post with another YT channel recommendation. As you know from my previous updates for The List, I have a thing for POV videos from people who have really expensive filming equipment. I always believe that one of the future benefits of VR is that folks will be able to see faraway places without actually being there. Until that technology matures itself, we can get a glimpse of it through the hard work of folks willing to lug around a DSLR or Mirror-less camera and take the shots. SoCal Attractions 360 is one of those folks, and they like to do theme park related videos of rides. So if you ever wondered if it’s “worth it” to wait for 90+ minutes in the sun for a particular attraction, you may want to check out their channel. Better yet, just go down a rabbit hole with me and enjoy the POV shots of various rides they’ve recorded. I’ll update The List accordingly for their channel as always.