Waiting For The Heat And WHO Gamer Zombies

Strange to be experiencing cold and rainy weather here in California; especially considering it’s almost the end of May. That being said, I hope we’re all looking forward to the blazing heat and sunshine that (hopefully) should come soon. Speaking of which, let’s drop down the rabbit hole of one of my favorite esoteric subjects - the history of seemingly mundane theme park attractions! I’ve updated The List accordingly to reflect the newly added channels - so as always I recommend you head on over there if you’re new to the site. Expedition Theme Park and Theme Park History are the new additions.

For the gaming and anime side of things, I’ve also updated the related sections under Tree and Clover. By the way if you’ve been living under a rock, the WHO has classified gaming addiction as a “disease”. I fully expect to utilize my newfound powers in light of this discovery by biting people randomly on the neck or arm and turning them into mindless gamers who themselves will continue to spread the disease. WHO (get it?) would of thought that Mario would be the real cause of the Zombie apocalypse? All hail the oncoming Doritos and Mountain Dew inspired end of days!

Heir of Light (link in the picture) has been my new mobile jam for a while. Recent updates and a considerably revamped F2P model has made the game a lot more accessible than it was at launch. If you’re looking for a new game to sink your teeth into for a while before the big Stella Maiden drop later this year, I would suggest it a good thing to hold you over for a bit. Just make sure to look up the re-roll guide to get the stronger units early on to help you on your way.

That’s it for this brief update! See you next month with hopefully even more weird stuff from the web.