We're Getting Older In Mind; Younger In Body

Happy birthday to us? Me and Clover both turned a year older in March. To that end we’ve decided to clean up the site a bit and keep the good vibes going for 2019! Excuse us while we restructure both ourselves and the content.

The schedule on the site is now no longer available as we have no real use of it anymore. When we first started the website, Clover specifically wanted to stream on a schedule since she believed she would have the time (and willpower) to do so. Unfortunately things didn’t pan out that way and it turned into a sporadic listing of things that I did on YouTube alongside her very brief intermittent streams. I’m thinking of adding an additional page down the road that would feature some type of content (perhaps news of some sort?) but I’m going to have to think it over a bit so that it’s something interesting to work on while being still related to us. Maybe a “What we’re watching / playing right now” might be a good idea, but we’ll see.

Onto the more exciting parts of the internet, this month we’re bringing you technology you never knew existed. And no I’m not talking about futuristic Elon Musk level technology; more so I’m talking about things we as a society briefly used and then threw out with the garbage like last year’s flagship cell phone. The channel is called Techmoan and you can get a juicy sampler down below of what he has to offer. If you like what you see, we encourage you to check out the rest of his videos and we’ll make sure to give him a proper link on The List.

On the game front we have an interesting piece of news in the form of an announcement for Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 (what a title). The original game was heralded as a cult classic among PC rpg fans back in the day when Troika games were still alive. Myself personally I had very fond memories playing as a sexy, demented Malkavian running through the streets of Los Angeles and was one of my greatest experiences in a role playing game at the time. Unfortunately as I’ve gotten older, the years have tempered my expectations for any sequel of any game to be as good as the first; and I treat this announcement overall with a lot of trepidation. Although the original writer for the game (Brian Mitsoda) is back at the helm directing the story, I can’t help but wonder how many other influences have seeped their way in considering it’s a Seattle based studio (Hardsuit Labs) in charge of putting the thing all together now. It’s funny that in the next installment of the series you play as a “thin-blood” Vampire whose powers are greatly diminished; as it’s some sort of possible correlation on how the game itself might be in terms of quality against the original. Time will tell I guess, but none the less they’ve got my attention so far.

If you’re interested in the game but don’t actually have the time to play through it, I HIGHLY suggest this text commentary play through of the original game. This has got to be one of the greatest, put-together runs I have ever seen on YouTube of any game; and I can only hope and pray one day that the runner decides to do another similar series for the game’s sequel.

That’s it for now and this brief update. We’ll be seeing you around next month! Here’s some VTMB art to close it all out. (Artist is Omri Koresh and you can visit his official website here)

Jeanette Voreman Omri Koresh.jpg