Sweet Stuff For The Idle Brain

One of my goals for the new year was to make the site more of a hub of interesting content; and there’s no better way to do so then to revamp The List page with some new stuff to check out. I’ll save you the trip over there with all the links down below and a brief description on why you might want to look at them. If you haven’t checked out The List and are a new visitor to the site - I recommend you do so before anything else!

First let’s start with some more ruin porn from a couple of guys who do them well. If you checked out Dan Bell and were left yearning for more; The Proper People should scratch the same itch sans artful montages and kick ass music (really Dan is fantastic in the audio department). A sample video below to wet the appetite.

Next we’ll be moving onto a singular piece done by Fredrik Knudsen who has a series called “Down the Rabbit Hole” which looks at various internet curiosities of personas living or else-wise. My particular favorite of his work was a recent one based on “TempleOS” and the downward spiral of its creator. You can check out the lengthy tale down below.

As mentioned in my final blog of 2018 - getting fitter day by day has become a somewhat small obsession and I’m still on track with it. So while you are perhaps chewing on the meat of the previous content I just recommended; why not get back in shape while doing so at the same time? Contrary to popular belief you can get quite fit by doing workouts in the privacy of your own home with next to no equipment. Anyone that tells you otherwise has an agenda in mind of selling you a Gym membership, a book they wrote (or worse yet a PDF file they put together online) and a line of supplements to make your muscles bigger, breasts larger and penis bigger - all 3 at once maybe! Joking aside, I hope you find the new Health category under The List useful to things me and Clover both use regularly.

In terms of video games (specifically mobile) - nothing really new has caught my attention as of late worth mentioning unfortunately. A lot of games (that shall rename nameless for the sake of not riling up unscrupulous developers and paid shill reviewers) turned out to be flops or “honey traps” after putting a few weeks into them only to hit an abrupt and very blatant pay wall. A shame really since a lot of them seem to have a lot of time and effort put forth in making a quality product that ultimately was “thrown away” by horrible macro transactions. And yes - I do mean macro and not micro. When you start needing the equivalent of hundreds of dollars to stay remotely competitive or sane in what you’re playing - we’re talking big bucks and not pocket change. So I’m going to have to just repeat what I said in most of 2018 and refer people to go play Destiny’s Child (Korean version is uncensored by the way!) and Dungeon Maker if they have the chance to do so. They’re both quality products and games you can sink your teeth into if you give the chance to do so. I’ll still be on the lookout for the “next best thing” to hit the market; but until Stella Maiden gets a final release date, things aren’t looking too good at the moment.

Also happy Lunar New Year 2019! If someone can let me know the artist for this picture - would be appreciated. None the less - have a good year of the Pig!