Riding The Bowsette Train And Dead Malls

Slow going over here at the website since that pesky thing known as real life has been getting in the way of updates. Even though I’m about a week late with the monthly - there really isn’t that much to talk about. None the less upward and onward with the latest!

First and eye-catching enough - the internet seems to have been flooded with “Bowsette” - a fan creation of Bowser being gender swapped due to him wearing the super crown. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that I’m a fan of the lore; so an obligatory picture is in order. Bonus points to the artists (Hori Shin) for making Bowsette strong and ferocious looking as well as (Torishamaru) for the title / thumbnail art.

Artist Credit: Hori Shin (Taputya)

Artist Credit: Hori Shin (Taputya)

Moving onto what I’ve been playing in the last month - Dragon Quest XI. Talk about an old school JRPG that really stays perhaps too old school for my taste. It’s a decent ride but I’m starting to fade a bit in completing it. Not the enthralling experience Persona 5 was for me personally; but to each their own.

Clover is recovering from her surgery nicely and was even able to start streaming again after a week. If you haven’t done so already and want to see what she’s all about (and sometimes catch me on there in the process) feel free to head on over to twitch.tv/cloverinabox

I’ve been on a little kick lately with “ruin porn” to put it crassly; and I wanted to feature a Youtube Channel I stumbled upon which was very up and coming in the genre. You can view the slowly fading malls of America with Sal over on his channel here. If it’s a rainy afternoon or you’re ready to open your mind to some pretty fascinating (albeit admittedly esoteric stuff) then I highly recommend it. Please give Sal a follow and a kind word on his videos since he puts in a lot of legwork for his content - and even risks endangering himself in the process.