Dog Days Of Summer Are Here

Not going to lie folks - it's been slow around here. Really slow. So much in fact that I've been desperately going outside my comfort zones to find anything to play to pass the time. Here is what I've gathered so far that's worth a look in the near future however.

Shining Resonance Refrain is getting a release date on multiple platforms on July 10. It's a remaster of the PS3 version with all the DLC added and some other bonus stuff added in.

For the really niche folks out there that like games in the 5% category, there's also a classic dungeon crawler called The Lost Child which is even releasing earlier on PS4 / Nintendo Switch on June 19th 2018.

Moving onto other news; Clover is going back on her own vow never to attend another Anime Expo after last year and is going again to Anime Expo 2018.

For those who don't know the story, Clover attended last year for a single day to go to a concert but had to wait in line for a total of 7 hours (5 for her pass and another 2 waiting to get into her concert). It became a popular meme called "line-con" and you can read about the horror of other folks that were there here.

Because of last year's fiasco, management at Anime Expo this year have decided to upgrade to RFID chips to help accelerate the process of checking people in and out, as well as mailing out most attendee badges. However, this will not address the obvious problem of sheer attendee numbers in the area; as well as people visiting from abroad.

Los Angeles is one crowded ass place. No matter of technology is going to remove the sheer amount of human flesh that will be attending the con. For those of you from different countries or aren't aware of the density of people in the region; let me give you some humbling statistics.

California's Population in 2018 = 39,776,830

Canada's Population in 2018 = 36,927,520

Los Angeles Population in 2018 = 3,976,322

Our state has more human beings that the entire country of Canada; our neighbors to the north. Los Angeles has about 10% of the entire state's population (or if you prefer more than 10% of Canada's population) within a radius of 503 square miles. Keep in mind these statistics that you see above are hopelessly outdated and do not count a lot of non-documented residents that didn't participate in any census (residents for California and Los Angeles).

California Population.png

Let's just say we all hope Clover the best this year in attending, and hopefully she won't have another waiting in line somewhere story.

Finally I want to say that Okami HD streaming may or may not continue depending on Clover. If it dies, it will be added to the pile of games lost in streaming limbo - but at least it's not as bad as Final Fantasy X. Hopefully next month we'll have more interesting news; see you then! Here's a chicken girl eating corn for no reason. (If anyone knows who the artist is please let me know!)