Criminals, Devil Chicks And Foreign Languages?

After slogging in over 2 weeks to finish a game that would of taken 3-4 days to finish normally at best, I'm happy to report that the Yakuza 6 play through is finally done. You can watch it if you absolutely have nothing better to do on Youtube here. I would much rather you actually go out and play the game however instead if you've never tried a Yakuza title. Or you can skip to the end and spoil everything here.

Moving on to other stuff I was suppose to be begin soon, Disgaea 5 Complete on PC has unfortunately been delayed to summer 2018 rendering any real excitement I had to play the game almost nonexistent now. I probably will play it eventually but it will be purely be a personal experience and placeholder for the juggernauts that will be coming out at the end of the year. (Biomutant, Darksiders 3 and Red Dead Redemption 2 to name a few) Here's a bathing picture of Seraphina from Disgaea 5 to hold us over I guess.


Clover is actually thinking about playing another game that isn't GW2 for once, and it's an odd choice considering it's not going to be in English at all. The game she has her eyes set on is called Caligula Overdose, and it's even a PS4 title to boot! If she ultimately doesn't change her mind for the 80th time this year on any particular plans she has of "doing something else" that might be at thing to look forward to if you're a fan of her on twitch. It almost might be a complete train wreck, but we'll see it when the time comes. I'll linked a rather flashy trailer for the game below.

I'll close this blog post out by updating you folks on what I've been watching while waiting for my Yakuza 6 videos to render. I know a lot of people have a bad impression about Buzzfeed in general (and I don't blame them), but some of their shows do have merit for the ones willing to look past the front page. Specifically the 2 shows (although they're under one label) that caught my attention are Buzzfeed Unsolved / Buzzfeed Paranormal. I've linked the official playlist here in case you want to give them a shot (it's free). It may not be the most gripping entertainment you've seen in years, but it's a nice casual watch for background noise - something I pride myself on with my own game playthroughs apparently.

My final duty is to shill out for Destiny Child once again if you haven't checked out this amazing android game yet. I've linked it via the picture below. It's only in Korean / Japanese at the moment, but if you really need help setting it up, send me an e-mail using the contact us link and I'll get you through the steps. It's worth it - trust me.