It's a Red Dead Horizon Where The Soul Still Burns

One of the biggest gaming launches in recent years is upon the masses in the form of Red Dead Redemption 2. Being released on October 26 2018; fans of open world games like GTA or the previous installment will be in for hours upon hours of a gaming goodness. Oddly enough; RDR2 is being released right before Halloween week and will be a mainstream AAA title that isn’t focused on the “spooby” side of things for once. If you’ve been living under a rock (or just really haven’t been keeping up with gaming news); you can check out the press on RDR2 here or click on the spiffy image below. (It’s an age gated site - just enter something to show you still live with your parents but are attaining higher education!)

Dungeon Maker fans - I am still alive and kicking. As a matter of fact; I’m still answering questions about the game in the YouTube comments section. As a reminder (and a notice) for fans of the game who happen to stumble upon this website; I’m taking a break from it simply because I’m waiting for things to “settle” down. What I mean by this is that I never expected GameCoaster (the developer) to support the game so much post launch in the form of content updates as well as balance patches. It’s the balance patches that are really throwing me off; since making any detailed guide that isn’t overly generic will be “patched out” eventually and essentially a waste of time. If the developers can slow down a bit and give us an official word that they will solely working on additional cosmetic and bug fixes only for a while; I’ll get back on the horse (ha!) and start making detailed guides again. I want to make sure my advice stays around for a long time similar to my initial ones; and I can only do that with a relatively stable meta than what it is now. As always however; if you have questions - just send me a message on YT (or even here if you’re brave enough) and I’ll get back to you on it. However; with the English Reddit / TouchArcade forums and now a Discord server for the game with active communities - I doubt anyone really cares what this old man has to say anymore.

Yet more gaming news; THE SOUL STILL BURNS in Soul Calibur VI. Fans of the series have long awaiting its return after the ill fated (and somewhat imbalanced) Soul Calibur V. So far impressions of the game have been favorable and a lot of people in the SC community are looking toward a well received game that will rejuvenate the franchise and bring in more new blood. As someone who admittedly has never played a SC since SC II and has been a bench watcher - I’ll continue my ultimate scrub status by watching way better people kick in ass in the game in the form of tournaments. If you have a competitive streak about you and like fighting games; I highly suggest you check it out.

Let’s move away from games and walk on the more obscure side of life. I never heard of a “McMansion” before 2 weeks ago. Apparently it’s a thing; and apparently someone who makes fun of such things is really good at it. I mean really, really good at it. Who I’m talking about is Kate Wagner who runs and is an absolutely fun afternoon read if you’re as new to it as I am (or was). I would try and describe my fascination with the entire thing, but it’s best to see with your own eyes what I’m talking about by visiting the site directly and giving Kate the praise she deserves for bringing the world attention to this. I won’t look at those overpriced homes driving from the 99 cent store the same way ever again; hopefully you won’t either. Click the link below for a TED talks with Kate.

That’s it for the October update folks. We’ll see you next month when everyone is getting ready to get lbs heavier in the stomach and 2 lbs lighter loosing all their teeth fighting in Black Friday!