I'm Going To Fan Service Myself

If i’m proud of anything, it’s me being frank about myself.  So I’m letting it be known I'm planning to have breast enlargement surgery soon in mid February. Why you ask? I want to look cute in outfits I own. That’s all! Really!

Okay, okay... they say size doesn’t matter, but I sometimes don’t know about that. In anime (a favorite hobby of mine), flat chested women are comically portrayed as being jealous or bitter of others with much endowed breasts, and in my observation it reflects real life as well. 

Regardless of pop culture, movies, anime or other references - the same theme keeps recurring. That girls with the larger breasts tend to get more attention from everyone (for good or bad) and girls with the flatter breasts tend to just blend in with the background. Either way it's attention getting for no extra effort, and attention keeping for no other reasons. I don't want to cite a single source as being evidence to my point, but take a look at this video clip if you haven't seen it already. You may not like the message, but it's there. It's always been.

Will I become happier or more fulfilled after my surgery? Who knows. But I can’t wait to be able to finally fill out my favorite dresses for once. 

c'est la vie!