Can Anyone Recommend Me A Good News Source?

Don't worry this post isn't going to be political in nature. I'm seriously just fed up with the available options for "quick" news sources. For those who haven't made the switch over to Windows 10 - they use something called MSN news which is baked into the OS. As far as I can tell (after giving the program a good honest try for a year), it's pretty much garbage. From the sensationalized stories to the forced advertising... I'm done with it.

I tried something out recently called "Daily Mail Online" but apparently it isn't much better. Same click-bait like stories, horrible interface and just bad all around. I'm really struggling to keep up with world events since no one seems to want to report them in an intelligent fashion. Maybe it's a sign of the times, who knows.

Hit me up at my e-mail address or post a comment on the article if you know something. I'm pretty desperate at the moment.