The Joy Of ISP Monopoly

It's no coincidence that ISP can both stand for "Internet Service Provider" as well as "Intermittent Streaming Program".

We both apologize for the lack of consistent content updates across our platforms Youtube and Twitch; but the sad reality is that we are under the mercy of Spectrum (formerly Time Warner Cable) in our ability to keep a steady connection. Everything up and down the "what's wrong with the internet?" checklist has been happening to us in the last couple of months; it really has put a damper on our ability to provide more steady content.

That being said it's a good thing we do what we do for the love it and not for the mighty dollar. We couldn't imagine disappointing a Patreon / Youtube Red / Twitch Subscriber base. Hell we're already feeling bad for the occasional people who like our content and simply stop by just to say "Hi!".

We'll be back on the horse soon by the end of the year and starting off stronger in 2018 (hopefully) once Spectrum gets their act together completing the merger and shifting things around.  Until then don't be afraid to stop by our Discord.