Sluggish Slow and Sleepy April

I bring this exciting April update with a picture of a bunny. Yes - this site has become everything you hate about the internet and have succumbed to being another click bait farm. Too bad I don’t have any advertisers or any actual real income, cause I probably could of made a fortune I tell ya!


The only thing I can think of that may be remotely interesting to visitors here is the fact that Persona 5 Royal has been given a release date! The game will be out on 10/31/2019 for Japan and an undisclosed date of sometime in 2020 for the rest of the world. If Persona seems like a familiar word here on the site, it’s because I wrote a lengthy article on Persona 5 confidants 2 years ago. Not only am I gobsmacked that much time has passed since I sat down with a ton of coffee to write that article, but I’m also looking forward to the new version of the game. By all the things I’ve seen so far, it really is looking different enough to warrant another play through. Granted I don’t speak a lick of Japanese so it’s going to be a long time before I get revisit the game again, but I at least thought it was cool to acknowledge for those who may be interested. If you’re just looking for some NSFW artwork of the new character Kasumi in the upcoming game, I highly suggest you visit here and thanks for stopping by my site anyway. Don’t forget to buy that artist a Coffee either.

Moving on to more game related news, the highly anticipated (at least to me) Stella Maiden is nearing completion and will be coming soon to the west within the next couple of months. I really do believe this game is going to be a heck of a mobile title worth looking into as the beta preview I did of it was fantastic. If you’re impatient and want to play it now - you can do so by looking for the English variant on the Asia Google Play store. Just keep in mind it’s not the official English version being worked on by the developer.

Artist is  InstantIP  and you can click on the image to go to their site!

Artist is InstantIP and you can click on the image to go to their site!

Closing out this extremely game heavy update (cause once again - it’s been pretty slow news other than humanity taking a picture of a black hole for the first time) I have a YouTube recommendation for those who like Arcade games of yore. Mikado Game Center is an actual working arcade that you can visit right now; that is of course if you travel or live in Japan. Their YT channel is very active with live streams that they do almost on a daily basis, and it’s a nice trip down memory lane if you’re an old fart like me who use to throw quarters at arcade cabinets back in the 90’s.

See you in the next update! Don’t forget to go outside once in a while either.

We're Getting Older In Mind; Younger In Body

Happy birthday to us? Me and Clover both turned a year older in March. To that end we’ve decided to clean up the site a bit and keep the good vibes going for 2019! Excuse us while we restructure both ourselves and the content.

The schedule on the site is now no longer available as we have no real use of it anymore. When we first started the website, Clover specifically wanted to stream on a schedule since she believed she would have the time (and willpower) to do so. Unfortunately things didn’t pan out that way and it turned into a sporadic listing of things that I did on YouTube alongside her very brief intermittent streams. I’m thinking of adding an additional page down the road that would feature some type of content (perhaps news of some sort?) but I’m going to have to think it over a bit so that it’s something interesting to work on while being still related to us. Maybe a “What we’re watching / playing right now” might be a good idea, but we’ll see.

Onto the more exciting parts of the internet, this month we’re bringing you technology you never knew existed. And no I’m not talking about futuristic Elon Musk level technology; more so I’m talking about things we as a society briefly used and then threw out with the garbage like last year’s flagship cell phone. The channel is called Techmoan and you can get a juicy sampler down below of what he has to offer. If you like what you see, we encourage you to check out the rest of his videos and we’ll make sure to give him a proper link on The List.

On the game front we have an interesting piece of news in the form of an announcement for Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 (what a title). The original game was heralded as a cult classic among PC rpg fans back in the day when Troika games were still alive. Myself personally I had very fond memories playing as a sexy, demented Malkavian running through the streets of Los Angeles and was one of my greatest experiences in a role playing game at the time. Unfortunately as I’ve gotten older, the years have tempered my expectations for any sequel of any game to be as good as the first; and I treat this announcement overall with a lot of trepidation. Although the original writer for the game (Brian Mitsoda) is back at the helm directing the story, I can’t help but wonder how many other influences have seeped their way in considering it’s a Seattle based studio (Hardsuit Labs) in charge of putting the thing all together now. It’s funny that in the next installment of the series you play as a “thin-blood” Vampire whose powers are greatly diminished; as it’s some sort of possible correlation on how the game itself might be in terms of quality against the original. Time will tell I guess, but none the less they’ve got my attention so far.

If you’re interested in the game but don’t actually have the time to play through it, I HIGHLY suggest this text commentary play through of the original game. This has got to be one of the greatest, put-together runs I have ever seen on YouTube of any game; and I can only hope and pray one day that the runner decides to do another similar series for the game’s sequel.

That’s it for now and this brief update. We’ll be seeing you around next month! Here’s some VTMB art to close it all out. (Artist is Omri Koresh and you can visit his official website here)

Jeanette Voreman Omri Koresh.jpg

Don't Let Something As Simple As Life Stop You

Its been quite a rainy season where I live, and a lot of days being forced indoors sometimes gives you a different perspective of the world. Especially when you decide to say “screw it” and go outside and embrace the deluge and go about your day as if it was clear and sunny.

That introduction to this month’s update is kinda of a metaphor for just doing something you wouldn’t normally do; and kinda of the crux of the theme for the following content I’m about to talk about.

First let’s start off with the biggest example of not giving a shit (while staying productive) with a man who has done so most of his life to great success. That man is David Goggins; and if you haven’t heard about his book / audio-book yet - you’re in a for one hell of a story. I’ll link you to official site which will branch you off to whatever platform you find comfortable for digital books or audio-books (which I highly recommend nowadays for any literary material frankly). Just click on the picture and stop overthinking things.

Let’s hop on over to the slightly paranormal world of 2013 and talk about a (in my opinion) fantastic TV series that unfortunately never got a 2nd season. This show is called “I wouldn’t go in there” and its host Robert Joe visits a myriad of places in Asia that have a troubled history that leads to current day urban legends. You can find more of a synopsis on the official site here (although it’s a bit dated) or you can just simply watch it over on Amazon if you have prime membership here. I’ve also decided to link to Robert’s personal homepage cause he’s a cool guy and working on some projects at the moment that might peak your interest if you become a fan of the show.

What monthly update wouldn’t be complete without me trying to shoehorn some type of video game in here? As I said last month and I’ll say it again this month… the fires are really dying with me in terms of getting some interest going with the current video game climate. If it’s not another Battle Royale type game, it’s probably some other overly produced, over budget game with (insert random) politics thrown in somehow to further alienate me from even looking at it.

That being said, I did stumble upon a fairly cute mobile game called “Triple Fantasy” (formerly known as Arcane Straight) that might interest some folks here who came here from my Dungeon Maker tutorials. The lack of waifus and husbandos may be a turn off for some however! If this game had bare pixelated chests (for all its characters - I don’t discriminate) I might of done a YouTube video series on it. As it stands now however, it gets a honorable mention on the o’l website since it’s quite a fun family friendly game that anyone should be able to pick up. As I mentioned earlier, I usually avoid games that look like this simply due to the fact that there are SO MANY OF THEM on the Google Play Store. However, I took a chance (the theme of this update) and it turned out to be a pretty fun game all things considered. It even got editor’s choice - for what’s that worth I guess. Link is in the picture as always.

Since I talked about exercise last month, it’s only fitting I talk about food this month to close out the update. Let’s talk about one particular competitive eater Yuka Kinoshita. If you ever wanted to see someone probably half the size of you be able to put away food that seems fit to feed a NFL professional football team… prepare to be amazed! I’ll also make sure to add her on the list. Her channel is linked via the YouTube video below.

Have a good one folks, and i’ll see you next update!

Sweet Stuff For The Idle Brain

One of my goals for the new year was to make the site more of a hub of interesting content; and there’s no better way to do so then to revamp The List page with some new stuff to check out. I’ll save you the trip over there with all the links down below and a brief description on why you might want to look at them. If you haven’t checked out The List and are a new visitor to the site - I recommend you do so before anything else!

First let’s start with some more ruin porn from a couple of guys who do them well. If you checked out Dan Bell and were left yearning for more; The Proper People should scratch the same itch sans artful montages and kick ass music (really Dan is fantastic in the audio department). A sample video below to wet the appetite.

Next we’ll be moving onto a singular piece done by Fredrik Knudsen who has a series called “Down the Rabbit Hole” which looks at various internet curiosities of personas living or else-wise. My particular favorite of his work was a recent one based on “TempleOS” and the downward spiral of its creator. You can check out the lengthy tale down below.

As mentioned in my final blog of 2018 - getting fitter day by day has become a somewhat small obsession and I’m still on track with it. So while you are perhaps chewing on the meat of the previous content I just recommended; why not get back in shape while doing so at the same time? Contrary to popular belief you can get quite fit by doing workouts in the privacy of your own home with next to no equipment. Anyone that tells you otherwise has an agenda in mind of selling you a Gym membership, a book they wrote (or worse yet a PDF file they put together online) and a line of supplements to make your muscles bigger, breasts larger and penis bigger - all 3 at once maybe! Joking aside, I hope you find the new Health category under The List useful to things me and Clover both use regularly.

In terms of video games (specifically mobile) - nothing really new has caught my attention as of late worth mentioning unfortunately. A lot of games (that shall rename nameless for the sake of not riling up unscrupulous developers and paid shill reviewers) turned out to be flops or “honey traps” after putting a few weeks into them only to hit an abrupt and very blatant pay wall. A shame really since a lot of them seem to have a lot of time and effort put forth in making a quality product that ultimately was “thrown away” by horrible macro transactions. And yes - I do mean macro and not micro. When you start needing the equivalent of hundreds of dollars to stay remotely competitive or sane in what you’re playing - we’re talking big bucks and not pocket change. So I’m going to have to just repeat what I said in most of 2018 and refer people to go play Destiny’s Child (Korean version is uncensored by the way!) and Dungeon Maker if they have the chance to do so. They’re both quality products and games you can sink your teeth into if you give the chance to do so. I’ll still be on the lookout for the “next best thing” to hit the market; but until Stella Maiden gets a final release date, things aren’t looking too good at the moment.

Also happy Lunar New Year 2019! If someone can let me know the artist for this picture - would be appreciated. None the less - have a good year of the Pig!


Looking forward to going back into the past

Another year comes to an end! I just realized that the website will soon reach 2 years old as well as the Youtube channel I made to support it. Naturally I find myself in a strange situation I never intended to be in; and that’s living the idiom of “tail wagging the dog”.

When I began this whole crazy experiment back in January of 2017, I had envisioned that I would update the website with a lot of content followed by support videos on Youtube to help drive traffic over. My previous update in November was a perfect example of what I had originally wanted to do, but the “bug” of views and likes made me skip the middle man and just post directly to Youtube.

I realized that I’ve messed up; and I now need to start focusing on getting the site back on track moving forward with 2019 and beyond. I haven’t figured out the proper way of approaching it yet, but I know for sure I’m going to be adding a lot of stuff not listed on the main channel to the site. It’s a start; and I think I will post “major” videos on Youtube if I feel it needs the exposure, or is talking about something so obscure it’s easier for those who want to spread the word to just see it directly. I need to make BoxInACorner an interesting place to visit, and not supplementary material as it stands now.

This goes onto my next subject; and that is diversifying what the site is all about. I had originally intended to talk about a wide array of interests that I had and go into the more esoteric corners of the internet. For whatever reason I forgot this, and it shows looking back at the all the updates I’ve posted in the previous years. It’s not completely ruled by gaming, but it’s certainly heavy leaning towards. I never did talk about a single interesting technology item I bought, never did talk about a single paranormal experience I had, nor mention anything even remotely personal or “rant” like. Maybe that last one doesn’t need to be there ever; but it’s still confusing (to myself) why those topics never seem to come up when I wanted to post something. That changes with 2019 going forward, and I hope the very few people that actually check out this site, as well as future folks who come here can appreciate the new direction going forward. I’m not abandoning gaming at all, however it’s just not going to be constantly about it as it appears to be now.

Speaking of gaming, I find myself more and more playing games of yesteryear than I do of modern ones. I find myself oddly loading up games that ran on Windows 95 machines and the original PlayStation. I also use my “gaming” PC simply for editing videos and watching documentaries. I find myself “progressively regressing” in that I find interest, comfort, and peace with playing the stuff already out rather than looking forward to things not yet existing. Save for a few ground breaking titles such as CyberPunk 2077 and (in my humble opinion) Stella Maiden on Android - there’s nothing that strikes me as interesting coming out soon. It’s a struggle to find something on a personal level that appeals to me. I think this is what stunted the content I wanted to put out for for the previous 2 years; always hoping to run into the gems and talking about them like Yakuza (series), Planet Master, Dungeon Maker, Fight’nRage and Destiny Child (which is now in English albeit censored to hell and back - play the Korean version!). I’m going to start making an attempt in the future to just play games (no matter how old they are) and sharing my experience with others. I did a video hardly anyone ever watched about Cybernator on the Snes a while back; and that was exactly something I need to load up again alongside older games on other platforms. It’s time to drop the insecurity of “the new” and just embrace what’s good and fun.


Some of you may have watched in abject terror back in May when I did a play through of Yakuza 6 and you saw my face. This was the last time I was “on screen” and showed myself. It was at the very end of my “cut” phase of leaning down since 2012. A lot physically has happened since then; in that I have done every thing possible in my power to reach a personal goal I set out years ago.

I’ve always been a small guy most of my life - about 5’6” and 140lbs. Back in 2012 I had reached a weight of 160lbs while having (which I can only presume) a body fat % of 20. Things needed to change, and I had sworn to myself that not only was I going to drop the excess weight, but I needed to get physically fit in the process. I had made the grievous mistake back in high school that cardio was king, and that running and dieting right would lead me to be healthy looking and overall fit. What it ended up doing was making me “skinny fat” and barely able to lift a 15lbs dumbbell. So let’s just say I have tried to deprogram myself from the stupidity programmed into me from my old Cross Country coach and have really gotten into strength and conditioning training. Finally at the end of 2018 I can stop loosing weight and start putting it back on.

So what does this have to do with anything related to the site? I’ve been dog tired to the point of sitting down at a keyboard makes my teeth sore. It’s also the reason why content on the site has been slower going and something I need to work on balancing with my fitness goals. If I’m too tired to even enjoy updating the website, that’s something that needs to be addressed. I find Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi work to be the most helpful for everyone in any walk of life to follow in terms of productivity. You can read more about it (abstract) here or clicking the picture below. You can also watch this funny video clip because it’s what I’ve been essentially looking like for the last 6 months (until I fixed my form and stopped being a moron). You should also watch this clip for those serious about getting back in shape.

For those not in the know or have no idea whom I’m speaking of, my wife does stream (intermittently) over at

Here’s a small clip of her recently (not terribly exciting stuff).

In a nutshell Clover has been going through the same existential crisis (link to a YouTuber perspective) I have been going through in terms of gaming and personal health. For her in particular it’s more related to mental than physical. After taking it easy in the last 2 months after finishing up her 100 days of consecutive streaming - Clover has come to the (tentative) conclusion that moving forward she needs to re-evaluate her time in front of the computer. I won’t say more than that cause it will better if she gave the words directly from her mouth. I will say however that 2019 will see a happier, more dynamic Clover when she actually decides to come onto the stream; cause it will be coming from a place of pure interest rather than obligation as it has been.

Finally let’s close out 2018 with a huge thank you to all of the kind followers over on the YouTube channel as well as the followers / subscribers on Twitch. You guys keep us going, and I can’t stress the important of a simple thank you sent our way once in a while. We promise to finally update the “About us” page in 2019 with full body photos. I need to get SWOLE quick and Clover needs that School Girl Outfit purchased. We’ll see you in 2019!


Late To The Party - Still Having Fun

It’s very easy to become cynical in the modern era of gaming. With most of the major publications and news outlets featuring a lot of drama and politics; it’s hard not to leave with a pessimistic view of the current state of affairs. So it was without any expectation on my end that I would come across a game I would enjoy so dearly that completely went unnoticed for the past year it’s been out; and that game is Fight’N Rage. I could bore you with words about the game’s greatness; but I rather bore you with sounds from my throat on the game in the video below!

As for other video games I’m looking forward to; we return to outer space with X4: Foundations. The X Series is a very niche (but hardcore) bunch of folks who really like their space sims to be complex as they are beautiful. If staring at the curves of a beautiful woman (or man) can be equated to the edges and lights of a space ship; you get the idea of what makes these folks blush with anticipation. I’m just hoping the game isn’t a giant buggy mess like its last unfortunate release which shall remain nameless. If the game passes mustard and the game play is solid; I may put up a video on the game depending on how I feel about it. If you’re curious about it, click the image below to head on over to the official site.

For the few stragglers from my YouTube channel who actually care about my other interests from day to day; I recently binged watch the entire month of November on a fantastic historical YouTube series on World War I called The Great War. If you’re any type of history buff or just enjoy something on in the background as “white noise”; this is the series for you.

That’s it for now folks. I’ll see you in the next (and probably) final update for 2018 closing out the year in review.

It's a Red Dead Horizon Where The Soul Still Burns

One of the biggest gaming launches in recent years is upon the masses in the form of Red Dead Redemption 2. Being released on October 26 2018; fans of open world games like GTA or the previous installment will be in for hours upon hours of a gaming goodness. Oddly enough; RDR2 is being released right before Halloween week and will be a mainstream AAA title that isn’t focused on the “spooby” side of things for once. If you’ve been living under a rock (or just really haven’t been keeping up with gaming news); you can check out the press on RDR2 here or click on the spiffy image below. (It’s an age gated site - just enter something to show you still live with your parents but are attaining higher education!)

Dungeon Maker fans - I am still alive and kicking. As a matter of fact; I’m still answering questions about the game in the YouTube comments section. As a reminder (and a notice) for fans of the game who happen to stumble upon this website; I’m taking a break from it simply because I’m waiting for things to “settle” down. What I mean by this is that I never expected GameCoaster (the developer) to support the game so much post launch in the form of content updates as well as balance patches. It’s the balance patches that are really throwing me off; since making any detailed guide that isn’t overly generic will be “patched out” eventually and essentially a waste of time. If the developers can slow down a bit and give us an official word that they will solely working on additional cosmetic and bug fixes only for a while; I’ll get back on the horse (ha!) and start making detailed guides again. I want to make sure my advice stays around for a long time similar to my initial ones; and I can only do that with a relatively stable meta than what it is now. As always however; if you have questions - just send me a message on YT (or even here if you’re brave enough) and I’ll get back to you on it. However; with the English Reddit / TouchArcade forums and now a Discord server for the game with active communities - I doubt anyone really cares what this old man has to say anymore.

Yet more gaming news; THE SOUL STILL BURNS in Soul Calibur VI. Fans of the series have long awaiting its return after the ill fated (and somewhat imbalanced) Soul Calibur V. So far impressions of the game have been favorable and a lot of people in the SC community are looking toward a well received game that will rejuvenate the franchise and bring in more new blood. As someone who admittedly has never played a SC since SC II and has been a bench watcher - I’ll continue my ultimate scrub status by watching way better people kick in ass in the game in the form of tournaments. If you have a competitive streak about you and like fighting games; I highly suggest you check it out.

Let’s move away from games and walk on the more obscure side of life. I never heard of a “McMansion” before 2 weeks ago. Apparently it’s a thing; and apparently someone who makes fun of such things is really good at it. I mean really, really good at it. Who I’m talking about is Kate Wagner who runs and is an absolutely fun afternoon read if you’re as new to it as I am (or was). I would try and describe my fascination with the entire thing, but it’s best to see with your own eyes what I’m talking about by visiting the site directly and giving Kate the praise she deserves for bringing the world attention to this. I won’t look at those overpriced homes driving from the 99 cent store the same way ever again; hopefully you won’t either. Click the link below for a TED talks with Kate.

That’s it for the October update folks. We’ll see you next month when everyone is getting ready to get lbs heavier in the stomach and 2 lbs lighter loosing all their teeth fighting in Black Friday!

Riding The Bowsette Train And Dead Malls

Slow going over here at the website since that pesky thing known as real life has been getting in the way of updates. Even though I’m about a week late with the monthly - there really isn’t that much to talk about. None the less upward and onward with the latest!

First and eye-catching enough - the internet seems to have been flooded with “Bowsette” - a fan creation of Bowser being gender swapped due to him wearing the super crown. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that I’m a fan of the lore; so an obligatory picture is in order. Bonus points to the artists (Hori Shin) for making Bowsette strong and ferocious looking as well as (Torishamaru) for the title / thumbnail art.

Artist Credit: Hori Shin (Taputya)

Artist Credit: Hori Shin (Taputya)

Moving onto what I’ve been playing in the last month - Dragon Quest XI. Talk about an old school JRPG that really stays perhaps too old school for my taste. It’s a decent ride but I’m starting to fade a bit in completing it. Not the enthralling experience Persona 5 was for me personally; but to each their own.

Clover is recovering from her surgery nicely and was even able to start streaming again after a week. If you haven’t done so already and want to see what she’s all about (and sometimes catch me on there in the process) feel free to head on over to

I’ve been on a little kick lately with “ruin porn” to put it crassly; and I wanted to feature a Youtube Channel I stumbled upon which was very up and coming in the genre. You can view the slowly fading malls of America with Sal over on his channel here. If it’s a rainy afternoon or you’re ready to open your mind to some pretty fascinating (albeit admittedly esoteric stuff) then I highly recommend it. Please give Sal a follow and a kind word on his videos since he puts in a lot of legwork for his content - and even risks endangering himself in the process.

Yakuza, Giant Boobs, And 100 Days of Streaming

It's been a long streak of hot summer days here at the o'l BoxInACorner tree house. Time to get you lovely folks updated with what's been going on with us and some information you may find interesting. Let's get started with my most beloved gaming series that ironically brings in the least amount of attention - Yakuza.

For those very, very few brave souls that followed me on Youtube for my Yakuza play-throughs - let me say from the bottom of my soul; thank you. Yakuza has always been a labor of love due to the sheer lack of popularity it warrants for me and it saddens me to say that I won't be doing a series on the upcoming Yakuza Kiwami 2. As a tremendous fan of this particular genre of game, the play-through I did of Yakuza 6 brought me in an "astounding" 100ish views in its entirety. That was a lot of hours setting up the stream, making sure I don't look like a doughnut on camera and uploading the videos while making sure they processed correctly. I think the populace has spoken and I will gracefully back away from uploading my play-through and focusing more of being a fan and just enjoying the game in private. Yakuza Kiwami 2 will be released world wide at the end of August - specifically the 28th - so if you're remotely curious about the series (and I believe you should be), please check it out. It's available on PS4 only.

Moving onto more private and public information at the same time, Clover will be undergoing additional surgery on her "girls" the 2nd week of September. If you haven't read the first blog on the issue; you can do so for old time's sake clicking here. Recovery time will vary, but the last time she did this she was out for 2 weeks. We're hoping with newly acquired knowledge on how the process goes as well as industrial strength painkillers - she'll be able to make a quicker recovery and be back to streaming.


Speaking of streaming - Clover has reached her 20th day of continuous streaming on Twitch and will try to keep up the schedule until she reaches 100 days. The reasons she's doing this is purely experimental; as the common advice on growing an audience has been consistency rather than quality on Twitch. So someone streaming themselves taking out the trash would be more popular than someone who streams absolutely fantastic content once a month. At least that's what we've been told - and thus our testing of the theory! If you want us to keep on trucking with our content on all platforms; please stop by and say hi and an encouraging word. Without verbal support we don't know if we're even remotely reaching out to anyone. Subbing to Clover on Twitch will always be a huge bonus, but never necessary.

Finally onto stuff outside the realm of games and streams - I've recently picked up a YouTube series that I personally found fascinating. It's on the history (and failures) of theme parks. It's called "Defunctland" and you can watch it by clicking the logo below.

The amount of passion, effort and content of the series reminds me how long I have to go to make any worthwhile interesting on my YouTube channel. I hope to one day break away from the gaming related stuff and do more topical things; but I'm going to need a subject I'm passionate about to talk on - and a co-host to bounce ideas off of. Both hard things to get, but I can always dream!  In any case, I hope you guys find the content interesting as much as I did.

Dog Days Of Summer Are Here

Not going to lie folks - it's been slow around here. Really slow. So much in fact that I've been desperately going outside my comfort zones to find anything to play to pass the time. Here is what I've gathered so far that's worth a look in the near future however.

Shining Resonance Refrain is getting a release date on multiple platforms on July 10. It's a remaster of the PS3 version with all the DLC added and some other bonus stuff added in.

For the really niche folks out there that like games in the 5% category, there's also a classic dungeon crawler called The Lost Child which is even releasing earlier on PS4 / Nintendo Switch on June 19th 2018.

Moving onto other news; Clover is going back on her own vow never to attend another Anime Expo after last year and is going again to Anime Expo 2018.

For those who don't know the story, Clover attended last year for a single day to go to a concert but had to wait in line for a total of 7 hours (5 for her pass and another 2 waiting to get into her concert). It became a popular meme called "line-con" and you can read about the horror of other folks that were there here.

Because of last year's fiasco, management at Anime Expo this year have decided to upgrade to RFID chips to help accelerate the process of checking people in and out, as well as mailing out most attendee badges. However, this will not address the obvious problem of sheer attendee numbers in the area; as well as people visiting from abroad.

Los Angeles is one crowded ass place. No matter of technology is going to remove the sheer amount of human flesh that will be attending the con. For those of you from different countries or aren't aware of the density of people in the region; let me give you some humbling statistics.

California's Population in 2018 = 39,776,830

Canada's Population in 2018 = 36,927,520

Los Angeles Population in 2018 = 3,976,322

Our state has more human beings that the entire country of Canada; our neighbors to the north. Los Angeles has about 10% of the entire state's population (or if you prefer more than 10% of Canada's population) within a radius of 503 square miles. Keep in mind these statistics that you see above are hopelessly outdated and do not count a lot of non-documented residents that didn't participate in any census (residents for California and Los Angeles).

California Population.png

Let's just say we all hope Clover the best this year in attending, and hopefully she won't have another waiting in line somewhere story.

Finally I want to say that Okami HD streaming may or may not continue depending on Clover. If it dies, it will be added to the pile of games lost in streaming limbo - but at least it's not as bad as Final Fantasy X. Hopefully next month we'll have more interesting news; see you then! Here's a chicken girl eating corn for no reason. (If anyone knows who the artist is please let me know!)


Criminals, Devil Chicks And Foreign Languages?

After slogging in over 2 weeks to finish a game that would of taken 3-4 days to finish normally at best, I'm happy to report that the Yakuza 6 play through is finally done. You can watch it if you absolutely have nothing better to do on Youtube here. I would much rather you actually go out and play the game however instead if you've never tried a Yakuza title. Or you can skip to the end and spoil everything here.

Moving on to other stuff I was suppose to be begin soon, Disgaea 5 Complete on PC has unfortunately been delayed to summer 2018 rendering any real excitement I had to play the game almost nonexistent now. I probably will play it eventually but it will be purely be a personal experience and placeholder for the juggernauts that will be coming out at the end of the year. (Biomutant, Darksiders 3 and Red Dead Redemption 2 to name a few) Here's a bathing picture of Seraphina from Disgaea 5 to hold us over I guess.


Clover is actually thinking about playing another game that isn't GW2 for once, and it's an odd choice considering it's not going to be in English at all. The game she has her eyes set on is called Caligula Overdose, and it's even a PS4 title to boot! If she ultimately doesn't change her mind for the 80th time this year on any particular plans she has of "doing something else" that might be at thing to look forward to if you're a fan of her on twitch. It almost might be a complete train wreck, but we'll see it when the time comes. I'll linked a rather flashy trailer for the game below.

I'll close this blog post out by updating you folks on what I've been watching while waiting for my Yakuza 6 videos to render. I know a lot of people have a bad impression about Buzzfeed in general (and I don't blame them), but some of their shows do have merit for the ones willing to look past the front page. Specifically the 2 shows (although they're under one label) that caught my attention are Buzzfeed Unsolved / Buzzfeed Paranormal. I've linked the official playlist here in case you want to give them a shot (it's free). It may not be the most gripping entertainment you've seen in years, but it's a nice casual watch for background noise - something I pride myself on with my own game playthroughs apparently.

My final duty is to shill out for Destiny Child once again if you haven't checked out this amazing android game yet. I've linked it via the picture below. It's only in Korean / Japanese at the moment, but if you really need help setting it up, send me an e-mail using the contact us link and I'll get you through the steps. It's worth it - trust me.

Eyes Everywhere

No this isn't a post about the Illuminati; rather it's another large update on what me and Clover have been up to. To start spicing it up around here, I'm going to try and mix a bit of "other" things into the pot that aren't solely related to video games, Twitch or similar. If you haven't read the March update that highlighted what video games that are coming out that I'm specifically looking forward to, it's worth checking out if you're perhaps out of ideas on what to play.

Being an old fart and stubborn in my ways; sometimes it's nice to go back in time (circa early 2000's) and watch a series made in a more "innocent" time. If you like urban legends and generally spooky stuff, I highly recommend anyone with an Amazon Prime account (which seems like most of the world's population at this point) to give Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction a watch. It's pretty old and the quality is what you would expect to see of a series made before 720p was even a thing, but it's been brought back to life and ready to gorge on for those so inclined. For the truly nerdy, this series did actually have Jonathan Frakes as a host for seasons 2-4. Hopefully that will lure in some of the gun shy hipster nerds.

Not enough Star Trek hosts talking about things unrelated to Star Trek for you? How about Captain "Fing" Kirk doing that very thing with yet more urban legends and spooky stuff. We're talking about Weird or What?

This series was made a lot later than Beyond Belief (10 years to be exact) but it's still old considering we're now almost halfway through 2018. Still it's a well done production and available on Amazon Prime (season 3 at least) for you to wet your whistle should you like these type of things.

So I guess if it isn't blatantly obvious by now - I do like reading up on the weird in the world rather than giving a damn about actual news. That's why I've updated The List and added a new section dedicated to paranormal stuff. It's worth heading on over and checking it out if you have absolutely nothing better to do.

Moving onto video games for a bit, Yakuza 6 comes out this month and I will be doing my full commentary play through on YouTube. I'm very excited to get back into the series considering this will be my first time ever laying eyes on any of its content even though it has been out for a while now in Japan.

Finally one last reminder to check out Destiny Child if you haven't done so. I talked about it in my last update, but I will keep talking about it to get more eyes on the game. It's right up the alley of closet perverts and those needing something better to do on their phones than read another stupid Facebook post. Keep in mind it's available in Korean or Japanese only, but an English patch for the game is available. If you do decide to play it and need the English Patch hook up, send me a message via e-mail or join the English Discord and get it there.

Onto Clover's side of the coin, I got a few updates on what she's been watching in anime land. Since she absolutely cares not about adding any spiffy commentary to these posts, you're just going to have to take her word for it and check them out.

Click on the images themselves to link you to the series description.

Hitori no Shita: The Outcast 2nd Season

Overlord II

Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san

Fate/Extra: Last Encore

Mahou Shoujo Ore

Gakuen Babysitters

Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card-hen

Sanrio Danshi

The Joy Of ISP Monopoly

It's no coincidence that ISP can both stand for "Internet Service Provider" as well as "Intermittent Streaming Program".

We both apologize for the lack of consistent content updates across our platforms Youtube and Twitch; but the sad reality is that we are under the mercy of Spectrum (formerly Time Warner Cable) in our ability to keep a steady connection. Everything up and down the "what's wrong with the internet?" checklist has been happening to us in the last couple of months; it really has put a damper on our ability to provide more steady content.

That being said it's a good thing we do what we do for the love it and not for the mighty dollar. We couldn't imagine disappointing a Patreon / Youtube Red / Twitch Subscriber base. Hell we're already feeling bad for the occasional people who like our content and simply stop by just to say "Hi!".

We'll be back on the horse soon by the end of the year and starting off stronger in 2018 (hopefully) once Spectrum gets their act together completing the merger and shifting things around.  Until then don't be afraid to stop by our Discord.